About Us.

On The Wall Zine is a concept, an idea.
WE have one goal, to provide coverage for
Alberta’s Punk and Skateboard scenes.
All are allowed.
None Shall Be Forgotten.
Blue Collar.
Working Class.

A Brief and unreliable history of On The Wall Zine:

Established November 2012. On The Wall Distro & Zine are wholly owned & operated by This Is Genocide Publishing.  A company originally designed to help maintain & collect royalties for Jim Nowhere, that has now branched out into the world of “print media”.
This Is Genocide Publishing is a privately owned and operated not-for-profit organization in Edmonton, AB with a total staff of one.
In Spring 2015, after the loss of Issue 4's archival files, and with Issue 5 drifting long past its due date, the decision was made to no longer run a print edition.
Sadly the effort, energy, and money required to keep up such a task has grown beyond the capabilities of this one man operation. We will continue to update the sites Spiels with show reviews, skate stuff, and just the general things that we have been doing.

Contact us:
Facebook – facebook.com/OnTheWallZine

As of 2015 On The Wall Zine has come to an end, it was a glorious three years.
Thanks for sticking around and checking in and all that, Alas, as far as the promised spiels mentioned above, in hope, at the begining of summer 2015, they never came to be.
It saw a short and strange run, and I wouldn't have skipped it for anything.

– Jim Nowhere, March 29, 2017.


Published by: This Is Genocide Publishing
Editor: Jim Nowhere

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