March 2017
I keep renewing the domain name, just not right when it expires, because I'm forgetful. Sorry about that.
Push Wood, Slap Curbs, Much Love.
Jim Nowhere

November 2016
Bet you never thought you'd be looking at this version of the site again, did you? Its partly due to confusion, missunderstanding, and a failure to plan for the future on the part of me (Jim Nowhere). However this shouldn't take very long to sort out this time. PLUS you can grab the finally compiled issue 4, or 4.5, anyways Issue five was canned, if you didn't see this since last april. Times are strange, and we plan to be strange with them, but print is dead, and we're broke, so.. long live the spiel.
See you in the streets,
Jim Nowhere

April 2015
Gearing up for Issue 5 to hit the streets (eta May 30th 2015), also gearing up for the site re-launch with full working archives expecting to go live mid may, just workign out the few final bugs. Until then it's all fun and games, like going to shows and writing reviews, hitting the skate parks, DIY spots, and takign photos of everything and anything cool that we come across. We've been dropping some interesting links on the Facebook feed to do with the scene down in Calgary, they've got some cool things happening. It may even be time for a road trip.
One more quick thing, we've some ad space available in issue 5, $20 gets you a full page ad (5.5in x 8.25in, 300 DPI, B&W) with a submission date of May 15th.
See you in the streets,
Jim Nowhere

November 2014
We are currently in the process of moving over to a new web server. With luck this will be a painless and quick transition.
However if you are seeing this as opposed to the content you have become acustomed to, then something may have gone a little sideways and our IT team is working to resolve it as soon as possible. In the mean time, updates may be happening on the facebook page, and the PDF versions of previous zines can be found here.
Thank you,
Jim Nowhere.


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